Virtual – ICOAF 2014

Virtual – Agriculture & Forestry Conference in Sri Lanka


S. Raguraj, R.R. Ratnayake , N. Gnanavelrajah

S.Sivarajah, N. Gnanavelrajah

Guruprasad R. Naik

Ammar Adil. B, Venkata Ramana, Anand K Plappally

Ibrahim Rafindadi Abdulrahman

T.A.S.S.Karunarathna, K.M.Mohotti, A.J. Mohotti, U.R.Sangakkara, L.D.B.Suriyagoda

D. S. Rohini Samarasinghe


Variations of carbon fractions in soils of Iranamadhu irrigation command area, Kilinochchi, Sri lanka

Potential to grow Ipomoea aquatica in kitchen wastewater hydroponics

Impact of indiscriminate mining on agricultural biodiversity in Goa

Comparative analysis of indigenous sensor nodes with commercial sensor nodes for use in soil moisture: Case study with eggplant productivity under a bed-plant based automated micro-irrigation framework

Geoinformatics in agricultural transformation: Challenges and prospects in Nigeria

Short term impacts of biochar incorporated soil on early growth of camellia sinensis L. (O.) kuntze

Green food consumption gap: What motives predict green food purchasing behavior in Sri Lanka


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