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    International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry

Successfully completed 2nd Annual International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry 2015.

Thank you very much for participating to the 2nd International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry (ICOAF) 2015, Colombo , Sri Lanka .Your vital presence helped to make this event a great success and also we hope to welcome you all in 3rd International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry (ICOAF) 2015.

ICOAF - 2016

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Keynote Speaker


Prof. M. S. Swaminathan
• ” as Living Legend of International Union of Nutrition Sciences ” – the 20th International Congress of Nutrition held at Granada, Spain.
• Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration and Greatest Global Living Legend Award of NDTV,
• One of the twenty most influential Asians of the 20th century- TIME magazine,
• The Father of Economic Ecology- United Nations Environment Programme.

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Prof. D. K. Weerakoon
Department of Zoology,
University of Colombo,
Sri Lanka.

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Prof. Buddhi Marambe

Prof. Buddhi Marambe
Department of Crop Science,
Faculty of Agriculture,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.

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Session Chairs

Prof. Therese Shamala Tirimanne

Prof. Therese Shamala Tirimanne
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of Colombo,
Sri Lanka.

Prof. Ajit Kumar Bera

Prof. Ajit Kumar Bera
P.G. Department of Geography,
Barrackpore R.S. College,

Sri Lanka (formerly known Ceylon) is an island with 65,610 km2 in area which is situated close to the Southeast corner of the peninsula of India. Despite its relatively small size, Sri Lanka possesses a high level of biodiversity. Agriculture is the most important sector of the Sri Lankan economy as it is providing employment for the majority of the Sri Lankan workforce. The country has a long history of more than 2,500 years which is attached with the agriculture. The main agricultural products are rice, sugarcane, grains, pulses, oilseed, roots, spices, tea, rubber, and coconuts.

Sri Lanka is one of the geographically small countries in Asia that supports advocacies for biodiversity in natural forests. Its floral and faunal diversity helps sustain agriculture. The government has high level of commitment for biodiversity conservation. The country is endeavoring to meet its domestic wood requirement from home gardens and forest plantations purposely to protect its natural forests. Currently, the natural forests, forest plantations and trees outside forests annually provide about 1,456.2 m3 of industrial wood and sawn wood. The main plantation species are Teak, Eucalyptus (mainly Eucalyptus grandis), Pine (Pine caribaea) and Mahogany.

With the aim to promote agricultural sustainability, The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) of Sri Lanka holds International Conferences on Agriculture and Forestry (ICOAF). The conference is an avenue to provide scientific platform for academics, scholars, thinkers, practitioners, scientists, and corporate and public policy-makers around the world to exchange knowledge, discuss issues, share innovations, and for linkages and network.

From 2014, ICOAF continues its momentum to explore and capture benefits from emerging developments in agriculture and forestry. TIIKM’s Second Annual International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry 2015 (ICOAF-2015) will be held in Colombo under the theme of “Sustainable Agriculture and Global Food Security.” The Conference will consist of a keynote forum, scientific sessions, exhibition, executive round table and a social networking dinner to explore innovative and appropriate solutions to ensure sustainable agriculture practices and global food security, that focuses on issues affecting sustainable agriculture and global food security.

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Conference Tracks

1. Land and water management
2. Technology and sustainable agriculture best practices
3. Technology and improving food security
4. Private and public sectors collaboration in agriculture technology development
5. Public health, food security and agriculture
6. Nutritional security and food assistance programs
7. Food and agricultural policy
8. Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation
9. Natural disasters and agriculture
10. Agribusiness and rural management
11. Rural community development
12. Animal conservation and sustainability
13. Extension and capacity building
14. Promote and motivate household food production
15. Natural resource rehabilitation and conservation
16. Renewable energy sources and sustainable agriculture

17. Support services of the governments to agriculture and forestry programs
18. Diversification of crops, livestock and best indigenous practices
19. Food price volatility and market instability
20. Resiliency of agriculture crops with climate change
21.Interventions for livestock ruminants production and breeding responsive to rapidly changing climate change conditions and environment
22. Development in breeding and, nutrition and animal health
23. Sustainable management and rehabilitation of soil and greenhouse gas emissions
24. Sustainable management of natural resources and climate action
25. Innovation on food and feed security and safety
26. Sustainability of food production, processing and consumption
27.Forecasting in Agriculture

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Publication Opportunities

All accepted abstracts and full papers (for those who register for the conference) will be published in the refereed conference proceedings with ISSN (ISSN 2362-1036) number . It will
also be published electronically after the conference. You have the option for including either abstract or full paper in the proceedings.

We will also make every effort to submit the proceedings to be indexed in the CAB Abstracts, Thomson Reuters, SCOUPS, Mendeley, CiteULike and Google scholar for possible Indexing.

ICOAF 2015
Management of Environmental Quality

ISSN: 1477-7835
Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal

ISSN online: 1478-8764

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Previous Conference Report

1st International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry 2014 was successfully completed with more than 35 participants from 19 countries. Countries are namely Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, United States of America, Slovakia, Poland, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Ghana, South Korea,etc.

There were 29 oral presentations 03 poster presentations and 07 virtual presentations. Moreover there were some local participants who representing Sri Lankan Universities and other professional bodies.

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Benefits of Attending

  • More than 100 presentations
  • Key note sessions with leading characters in the field of agriculture and food security
  • Networking opportunities with expertise
  • Cultural event and post conference tour to explore the beauty and local traditions of Sri Lanka
  • Special rates for Asian and African participants
  • Special attention to young and innovative researchers to uplift their career
  • Awards and medals to winners
  • Publication opportunities in the best international research journals



Prof. Maria David Brás, Portugal.
” very well organized conference. Enjoyed the environment of the conference and hospitality of the organizing committee. Most of the papers are well constructed and came up with good findings. Helped me to meet researchers from different countries.. ”

Prof. Romeo Clemente, Philippines.
” I thank to your staff for their remarkable accommodation. It always an excellent story to share to my fellow Filipino friends, teachers and students. Again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you in the TIIKM. I hope to meet you personally again in the succeeding conferences where ever it shall be held.. ”

Prof. Gary E. Swanson, University of Northern Colorado, USA.
” Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality and the terrific conference you organized and successfully completed. I was very impressed with your work and hope to establish a professional relationship with you for many years to come.. ”

Prof. Rudenko Dmitry, Russia.
” I recommend such conferences because people are very good and polite and I like it..”

Dr. David Ermen, Switzerland.
” Overall , a very interesting Conference ,Well done! ”

Dr. Cherukuri Sreenivasa Rao, India.
” The Organizers did a great job during last three months and they made all the arrangements perfectly. It gives a great opportunity for all the researchers who are working on this area.Organizers are extremely good and planned in such a way.. ”

Rubina Husain, Bangladesh.
” Well Conducted ,Very good work ,Very nice team. Would recommend conference for everyone in future. ”

Dr. M. Thilakavathy, India.
” Very well organized ,I would like to attend the future conference .Well done. ”

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