Call for Workshops

Researches and Practitioners in the field of agriculture are invited to submit proposals for workshops on topics in the field on or before 30th November 2017. The Organizing Committee will determine the final list of accepted workshops based on the workshop proposal and availability of time, space and facilities.

Prospective workshop organizers are requested to follow the guidelines below and are encouraged to contact the organizing committee for any questions.

Each proposal should consist of the following two parts:

  1. A short scientific justification of the proposed topic, its significance, and the particular benefits of the workshop to the community, as well as a list of previous or related workshops (if relevant).
  2. An organizational part including:
  • Contact information for the workshop organizers
  • Proposed format and agenda (e.g. paper presentations, tutorials, demo sessions, etc.)
  • Potential invited speakers
  • Duration (which may vary from one day to two days)
  • Preferred time period.


Contact Person

Ms. Maheesha Dilshani
Hotline: +94 712 838 280/ +94 783 979 446
TP: +94 113 132 827