Call for Papers

The International Institute of Knowledge Management of Sri Lanka in collaboration with Cagayan State University of the Republic of the Philippines as host is excited to invite you to submit original research papers for presentation to the 3rd International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry (ICOAF) to be held on May 1-3, 2016 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, with the theme “Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry as Essential Response to the Challenges of Global Food Security and Environmental Stability.”

The 3rd ICOAF-2016 conference is highlighted by threefold objectives such as to: (a) create a platform of knowledge sharing serving as research avenue for academics and other professionals in the fields of Agriculture and Forestry, (b) inspire and build the confidence and passion among young researchers to carry out scientifically-advanced studies responsive to the priority research tracks recently set forth by duly accredited and/or funding regional and international research communities and agencies, and (c) promote a dynamic atmosphere of innovations, exhibitions, round table discussions as well as wider linkage for global networking where everyone can cultivate greater support and immense commitment to sustainable development of agriculture and forestry research and extension projects and programs.

Philippines as the venue of the conference is the home to five outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites - from the Baroque churches and Spanish colonial towns to ancient rice terraces. It is a geographical spot of natural marine and forest parks, one of the Asia’s granaries and formerly rice bowls of the world, a nation rich in natural resources and State whose society is amiable and resilient. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Manila - the Capital City of the Philippines - in 2016 to share scientific findings, facts and figures, latest innovations and their impacts on agriculture and forestry.

Coming to the Philippines is another momentous engaging opportunity to proactively interact with connoisseurs composed of research enthusiasts and innovative scientists coming from the agriculture and forestry regions across the world.

The 3rd ICOAF 2016 research tracks cover the following but not limited to:

Conference Main Tracks


• Animal Physiology
• Behavioral Ecology
• Bryology
• Comparative Anatomy
• Economic Botany
• Entomology
• Ethnobotany
• Ethology
• Evolutionary Biology
• Herpetology
• Mammalogy
• Molecular Biology
• Mycology
• Ornithology
• Paleobotany
• Phytochemistry
• Plant Ecology


• Air Pollution Management
• Conservation of Energy
• Energy and the Laws of Motion
• Energy and Thermodynamics
• Energy Density
• Energy Transfer
• Energy Transformation
• Environmental Chemistry
• Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation
• Environmental Management
• Environmental Restoration
• Environmental Systems
• Environmental Technology
• Solid Waste Management
• Waste Heat Conveyance and Cause
• Water Supply and Treatment