“ Heaven of Tea ”

Seize the experience! Join the Tea test, Take a Healthy sip!


“ Heaven of Tea ” a tea stall with amazing varieties of tea, that is organized by Sri Lanka Tea Board (Ceylon Tea), will be held on both 16th -17th August, the conference premises.

  • Availabity of diverse of tea
  • Opportunity for live tea testing
  • Opportunity to purchase unique varieties of tea

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“ Kingdom of Rice ”

It’s not just rice! There are more uses of rice! 


“ Kingdom of Rice ” a stall with diverse varieties of rice, organized by Rice Research Institute of Sri Lanka, will be held on 16th -17th August, 2018 in ‘Agrico’ conference premises.

  Perks of attending ‘Kingdom of Rice’

  • You can purchase multiple varsities of rice (organic rice, wild and new etc.)
  • You get the opportunity to buy diverse rice related products.
  • You can gain insights on the latest trends in the rice industry.

“ Coconut, the all-rounder ”

It’s Coconut Revolution! Enjoy healthy & economic benefits!


“ Coconut, the all-rounder ”, a stall organized by Sri Lanka Coconut Development Authority, will be held on 16th -17th August, 2018.

Be present at the conference venue if you are interested in,

  • You can purchase Coconut and coconut based product (Kernel product, Fiber product, shell product etc.)
  • You can obtain awareness of Eco Friendly product innovations (Water purification, Catalyst support and numerous other applications etc.)

conference stalls