'Market Aggregator: Blessings for the Rural Farmers to Link Markets'

The workshop will be divided into three parts:

1. A brief presentation / short video on the topic (5 minutes)
2. A two members' panel discussions about current status of Market Aggregator Model in Bangladesh and other south Asian countries (10 minutes)
3. Three pitch talk (5 minutes each) to seek for the find best innovative idea for further improvement of the market Aggregator Model. (15 minutes)

We call for submission of the idea from the young scientists / development practitioners / academician  on the topic to apply for a 5 minute pitch talk on ” Market Aggregator: Blessings for the Rural Farmers to Link Markets.” The Best Three Ideas will get the opportunity to present in the workshop.

Outcome of the Workshop: An article on the workshop outcomes focusing the best pitch talk idea will be published in the conference proceedings; and that will add value to the publication.

Resource person

Dr. Bidyuth K. Mahalder agriculture conference 2020

Dr. Bidyuth K. Mahalder
National Programme Coordinator,
UN-Food and Agriculture Organization,
FAO Field Office,Bangladesh


Date: 27th August 2020

Time: 16:30 – 18:00

Audience: All conference participants